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Face training from command center does not work

Hi everybody.

I have a problem with Face Training.

I am training to work with face training from command center but nothing happens and after pressing on the console window I wait for 30 seconds but nothing happens

I stop the face training and then I perform the “Get learned faces “, in the console appears the error:

No learned faces found.

{result: Array(0), status: “Success”}

If I try to clear all the learned faces and then I try to perform another face training I have an error:

Error, face training already in training mode.

Is there a way to fix this issue or I am doing something wrong?

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Did you push the button “Start Face Detection” before beginning the training?

Hi Slivingston,

Face training in Command Center and API Explorer are not working.

 "result": {
  "message": "Error, face training already in training mode."

Face training from my web apps stopped to work too. I didn’t need to start Face Detection for the Face Training to work. I tried to cancel face training before I start and it didn’t work. I tried to issue a new socket and it didn’t work. I reload my page and it didn’t work.

Face recognition relies on face training. So, would you prioritise the fix of the bug please?

Hope to hear good news soon.

Many thanks.

Best regards,

I do not work at Misty Robotics (so, I cannot prioritise which bugs are fixed).

Just now I repeated the training process, and it succeeded. I will setup a test case to demonstrate to you how to do it.

@aria.zhenzhenli you can try the robot at https://rerobots.net/sandbox/fixed_misty2

The sandbox includes a code example with a special URL that you can copy-and-paste into the Misty Command Center. It appears near line 8 and looks like


but with different values after the :. Some of the commands are blocked, but enough of the Misty API is available for you to try face recognition:

  1. first push the button “Take + Display Photo” to see what the camera on the robot sees,
  2. notice the photograph of a human face toward the left side,
  3. try to adjust the yaw and pitch to center the camera on the face,
  4. push the button “Start Face Detection”,
  5. enter a FaceID and then push the button “Start Face Training”.

After training completes, try to “Start Face Recognition”.

There is only 1 robot associated with https://rerobots.net/sandbox/fixed_misty2. If it is busy, please try again later, or ask me to reserve a time.

Hi @slivingston,

I placed StartFaceDetection() before StartFaceTraining() method as well as StopFaceDetection() and CancelFaceTraining() on the completion. It has been working well.

Many thanks.

Best regards,