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Face learned database and face_ID transferring/ saving for new Misty robot

Is there a way to save/download the face learned and associated face-ID database to local PC? The purpose is for transferring the database to new Misty robot without repeating the process with many people again. Thanks,

Hi @phillip.vinhha thank you for asking. Unfortunately at this time we do not have an easy way to transfer the database to another robot without having to relearn all the faces. I do like that idea though and will definitely give that feedback to our product team.

If you have a second could you put this request into our wishlist category??

Thank you so much for your awesome feedback and questions!

Hi Justin, I’ll add this into the wish list. Thanks for the info on this.

There is a way. Just keep in mind this is not an official API and is liable to change at any time without any warning.

Using adb you can save the face rec DB by doing the following from a terminal:

adb connect {ROBOT-WIFI-IP}:5555
adb pull /sdcard/PeopleDatabase.xml

To put it on a new robot you do the reverse:

adb connect {ROBOT-WIFI-IP}:5555
adb push PeopleDatabase.xml /sdcard/

@rich I think this will be useful for your project :slight_smile: