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Error on `GET /api/logs`

Intermittent failures in response to request of logs. E.g.,

$ curl 
{"error":"The handle with which this oplock was associated has been closed.  The oplock is now broken. (Exception from HRESULT: 0x80070323)","status":"Failed"}

Here is version information:

sku: 060-000001
serial number: 20194203104
robotId: 00A0C62342F9-00800F117000~7627ef15afec2e03~2147581967-540160565~3276833-540488760~3245
sensoryServiceAppVersion: 1.16.1
androidOSVersion: OpenQ820_O_v4.1-OPM1.171019.026--
windowsOSVersion: 10.0.17763.253
    boardId: 2147581967-540160565
    hardware: 75.0
    boardId: 3276833-540488760
    hardware: 74.0

Error remains after power cycling (i.e., power off -> detach AC source -> wait more than 30 s -> reattach AC source -> power on).

Thanks, Scott, I see the same issue. I think this happens when another request is coming in or it’s writing to the log while we are retrieving the logs.
I’m going to mark it as a known issue and investigate but do let me know if it’s blocking you in any way.

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Thanks for confirming. The error is intermittent and not blocking me, so no hurry from my perspective.