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Enable Remote Access to Misty

Hi Misty Devs!

Sharing an app I put together that enables you to get a Global IP for Misty instantly. It should make remote access/development real easy. I used Ngrok for the backend. This Global IP can be used in command center, api exlorer, skillrunner, JS and C# SDK, all apps that Misty interfaces with except that this time the user does not need to be on the same network.

Check out the repo to download executables for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Misty Portal

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is this secure? if you have a global IP address that forwards directly to Misty, I would expect it to be subject to automated attacks.

It is definitely not OAuth2 yet. May be on the next rev I can add a login. This tool pretty much wraps all the free tools Ngrok offers. So to keep secure the two things you have in hand are the options to close portal anytime and reset the auth token. At each portal open you would get a new Global IP by default. One more thing you can do is inspect every call made to through the tunnel by going to localhost:4040 address on the browser from the machine you start the portal, in realtime. I should actually add info about inspecting the tunnel in the repo as well.

Here is a screenshot of the inspecting page localhost:4040 as the portal is open.

From my testing, I’ve had the portal open here and there for few weeks now and had been inspecting it with this. Nothing unexpected showed so far.