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Education plans? Emulators during development?

Hi are there any lesson plans developed for group classes?

Also, are there any emulation capabilities in any of the development environments. I think I had seen some other robots where the students could run the emulators while building and testing during class. Then they would take turns running on the robot.

I can’t quite see something like that here, though just starting to dig in. If there isn’t an emulator, how do you manage teaching and kids experimenting without them being able to check what they are doing?

Thanks. Excited to have our new Misty2!


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not that I am aware of, but I think it would be very useful. I started work on a linter at contributions and collaboration are welcome!

references to prior discussion:

also, there is a hint about a simulator for Misty skills implemented in C# at

The SimulatedMisty class in the Simulator project is an example of an event and command processing simulator that can be modified to create a custom simulated environment for testing skills without a robot.