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Education app that teaches basics of robotics with a Misty robot?

I am planning to make a smartphone app that teaches basic concepts and methods of robotics. My idea is to:

  1. assume some (but not much) knowledge of programming,
  2. teach via answers to questions like “what is motion planning?” and “what is SLAM?”
  3. teach methods, for example, centering the camera on an object of interest.

Users would complete programming exercises on real robots via rerobots, e.g., https://rerobots.net/try/fixed_misty2

The app would not be about Misty robots per se but would use Misty as a teaching platform. My goal would be to complement existing “learn how to code” apps (e.g., https://grasshopper.app/), and therefore, I assume some prior knowledge of programming, but no prior knowledge of robotics.



I love this idea. I’ve often thought about developing some kind of curriculum around coding and robots using Misty. I think the hard part is scaffolding, and presenting concepts in such a way that they stick. And Misty can be complicated to program, so keeping students engaged while they’re learning core concepts that may be less interesting than actually programming a robot.

What made you choose a mobile app for this over some other format?

I love this concept! Like Johnathan, I’m wondering about the use of mobile instead of a desktop. I could see using Scratch Blocks on mobile which might be easier for kids to understand though.

While it might be the case that practicing robotics and software engineers work mainly on desktop or laptop computers, I suspect a broader audience can be reached if mobile (smartphone or tablet) is the target.

However, there are some challenges in distributing a native mobile app. Perhaps instead the target would be web browsers on mobile devices using AMP.

This will be a great use of re-robots. I would love to be a beta tester!

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