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Does Misty Comes with Infrared temperature sensor

Hi Everyone!
I have a question, Does MISTY II come with infrared temperature sensor?
If yes, how do I access the data collected from it?
And if it does not comes with the inbuilt infrared temp sensor, how would I connect with Arduino backpack?
Any ideas will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for asking this question. Unfortunately the original Misty II does not come with an infrared temperature sensor. But we are starting to build Misty II’s with one.

More information here: http://temperature.mistyrobotics.com/

Hi @Woo, I had a few email exchanges with Tori. I understand that I can only choose SLAM or temperature sensor, but not both. I don’t want to lose SLAM for the temperature sensor.

Please enable both SLAM and temperature sensing in the new development. I don’t mind if Misty must have a thermometer sticking up from her head or tail.

Also, please make them affordable for upgrade, i.e. not more than $100.

Many thanks.

Best regards,

I think the trouble here is that the upgrade must cost at least as much as the goods sold, which includes a sensor for non-contact temperature measurement. How much does such a sensor cost?

this sensor might be feasible: MLX90614ESF-BAA (and on SparkFun). appears that price is around 15 - 30 USD.

Most non-contact thermometers are priced around $70 in New Zealand (or $50USD) for retailing. The wholesale price would be cheaper?

If it is too expensive, you know, we’ll just take the temperature manually.

I guess we are happy to pay extra for a solution that can enable Misty to exchange data with a non-contact thermometer at an affordable price, which is not visible to me yet. Hope you will find it soon.


Best regards,

I know this is late. We are looking into possible doing this, and I am curious if that sensor you mentioned is able to do body temperature? Or would we have to use something like an external IR camera, SparkFun Grid-EYE Infrared Array Breakout - AMG8833 (Qwiic) - SEN-14607 - SparkFun Electronics?

it is never too late! however, I do not have experience with this kind of device and so cannot confirm. nonetheless, just based on data sheets, we can say:

  1. MLX90614ESF-BAA has “body temperature measurement” explicitly listed as an application example,
  2. MLX90614ESF-BAA has much more precision than AMG8833 Grid-EYE. The Sparkfun page for the latter has “an accuracy rate of ±2.5°C (±4.5°F)”, which is not sufficient for anything medical.

Thanks for the reply. Would setting this up on Misty involve any kind of soldering? @slivingston

I think that you could build a circuit with a breadboard (therefore, soldering not required).

The IR thermometer MLX90614ESF-BAA supports output protocols of PWM and SMBus, whereas the port in the back of Misty is UART, so you will need some kind of bridge. This could be based on the Misty Backpack, but the Misty Backpack + Arduino is not required.

The datasheet of MLX90614ESF-BAA has example circuits for driving the sensor in Section 11 (page 42).