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Documentation for designing new arms?

Hi folks, where will I find documentation for designing swappable Misty arms? Thanks!

You can find printable files at Thingaverse

Yep, thanks, I have those sample files. Is there any spec-type info such as maximum weight at the “shoulder” and maximum weight at the “hand”?

There will be soon! We’re working on collecting & converting the relevant design files now. We’ll be sharing those files, recommendations on the size, shape, and weight of hardware pieces you may want to build, and information about load capacity and max weight recommendations in Misty’s developer docs. I’d expect this information (and the files) to be published within the next 3-6 weeks. I can share a link here when that’s up. In the meantime, there is some general information about design considerations in the last section (subtitled Size Matters) of this post: Misty’s Arms Pull Double-Duty | Misty Robotics.

Other than the above, what information will be the most helpful in designing new hardware? What will you expect to find in the developer docs?

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