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Do you know any educators?

This one’s for them:

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We’ve also announced big education discounts…

Special Offers to Educators
We know that having a sophisticated, powerful robot in the classroom will accelerate learning in robotics and want to offer Misty as an option for educators and STEM groups; To that end we are offering a special referral program as well as quantity discounts and the ability to pay via PO to educators and STEM groups. Here are the details. Chat with anyone on our website, and we’ll help you set up your order.

Quantity discounts:

  • Discount of $200 per robot on orders from 3 to 9 robots
  • Discount of $300 per robot on orders from 10 to 20 robots
  • Want more than 20 robots? Email us at info @

Referral bonus:

  • Each referral from a qualified educator or STEM group leader will pay out $200 per person referred (and the person referred gets $100 off their robot).

Get started today:

  • While you wait for Misty II we can get the Misty I Developer Edition prototype robot into the classroom ASAP at a special price of $900 per robot.

PO plan:

  • Does our campaign not align with your budget cycle? Reserve your robots and then email us with your order # and we will make arrangements for a PO.
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