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DJI Robomaster S1

Is anyone else ordering one? Ive already paid for one. Itll have a removable battery and four brushless motors. They look great with the exception of the camera system. This is definitely one of several areas that the Misty 2 has it beat.

The Robomaster S1 seems to be aimed squarely at consumers versus developers. I would say the S1 would be competing against other sub $1000.00 consumer robots.

They obviously look really cool. Seems more squarely aimed at kids/education. I know when they were announced there was some excitement for it around here. Except for the mechanum wheels.

Here’s a nice breakdown video of the Robomaster:

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besides being aimed at education, it is also for the “RoboMasters” competition hosted by DJI (RoboMaster Robotics Competition | Overview).

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I appreciate the video. It looked really cool. Im excited to see what else can go on in place of the laser/pellet gun. The robot could make for an interesting lasertag opponent. If you want a robot dinosaur, nows the time to get one before they get discontinued also. The Jurassic World Alpha Training Blue is a flop for Mattel. Today on Amazon the are $80. They launched around November for $250.00.

Ive been super interested in robots since I was a kid but they are a tough sell to consumers. It seems boredom sets in quickly if there arent a lot of options. Im interested to see what people come up with for Mistys arms. Ive seen a couple of videos. Whats her battery life again? The downside to the S1 is a 30 minute run time, similar to many RC cars.

Somehow I missed the Alpha Training Blue. Looks neat.

Misty should get 90-120 minutes between charges but that will depend on what she’s doing. Lots of driving or SLAM will deplete the batteries faster.

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Ok, thanks Ben