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Diversity in robotics

Interesting article, though a few weeks old, about diversity

Is it more important for you to be identified as a pioneering roboticist or as a female pioneering roboticist?

I’m a really bad person to ask about this because I realize I’m a unicorn, and people like to parade me around like I’m a unicorn. Being a female tech CEO is what it is. I prefer to be recognized for the body of work that I’ve done and my knowledge and contributions. But I also realize that 30 to 40 percent of the time people are asking me about my experience as a woman in that position.

We are super keen on increasing diversity here at Misty. Not for reasons of fairness and equality but for the fact that it makes outcomes better. We’ve got several engineers who have told their stories on our blog as well.


I have worked in I.T. for 20 years for companies big and small. Like a lot of things, it is one thing to say you support diversity and another thing to show it. To that end, great job!

Just think… In a handful of years the diversity topic may include robots as well.