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Depth Sensing Design for Robotics


For folks in Boulder, here is a great meetup to attend!

Coming up tomorrow (Tuesday 1/15) at Galvanize Boulder
Depth Sensing Design for Robotics | Meetup

Depth Sensing Design for Robotics

Evan Fletcher, the lead engineer in charge of Occipital’s new Structure Core, will give a talk exploring the inner workings of modern depth cameras.

Depth sensors are used in robotics for everything from obstacle avoidance and 3D inspection to scene reconstruction and navigation. We will discuss how depth sensors work, how to build them, and challenges in their design. We’ll also talk about some of the future in 3D sensing and reconstruction, including deep learning methods for depth sensing and beyond.


Thanks @CHRIS_IS_MISTICAL for sharing. For those attending. @CHRIS_IS_MISTICAL and I are planning on attending!