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Deprecation Notice for /api/video endpoints

To keep naming schemes consistent with the rest of Misty’s API, the REST endpoints for all video assets and video recording management commands will be migrated from /api/video/* to /api/videos/* in a future system update.
Use the table below to migrate to the new endpoints:

Command Name HTTP Verb Deprecated Endpoint Current Endpoint
StartRecordingVideo POST api/video/record/start api/videos/recordings/start
StopRecordingVideo POST api/video/record/stop api/videos/recordings/stop
GetVideoRecording (Formerly GetVideoFile) GET api/video api/videos/recordings

The deprecated endpoint for GetVideoRecording is no longer available. The deprecated endpoints for StartRecordingVideo and StopRecordingVideo will be supported for at least 30 days after Misty’s 2020.02.18 System Update.