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Cool New Backpack

So I did this… but it no worky.

heh actually just more curious how is WILL work, with there be a specific Misty firmware for Arduino? or will it use something like firmata?

p.s. those standoffs were a pain in the patooty to get on :wink: :smile:

@steven – any thoughts?

Good Morning @station,

The plan is to connect the backpack to the 4 pin port on the back, which contains a 3.3 v @ 500 mA power source along with an RX/TX UART signal. We will then have an Arduino library that will allow the backpack to easily communicate with the 410’s API/SDK. Unfortunately this functionality has not yet been created, so it won’t work on your Misty 0.7.

I’m a bit surprised that you’re not at least getting power through the USB port. Have you tried both ports? I would expect to see the Arduino’s power LED lit up. Or is it actually lit up and I just am misunderstanding the picture?

Sorry about the standoffs. Luckily, Misty 2 has a magnetically attached backpack that just snaps in place, so attaching her backpack will be much easier. :slight_smile:

Did this answer your question? Is there a project you wanted to do with the backpack, or were you simply exploring?

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thanks @steven that does answer them, the usb did actually power it up, but I took the photo before I powered it on. I assumed things hadn’t been implemented yet, but hey you never know right?

No project in particular, I was toying with the idea of add a small arm made of micro servos, but will need a servo shield. knowing that 500 mA is allocated for the arduino can I assume that external power will need to be provided for most attachments involving actuators of some sort?

@station, yes, to be safe I would advise using a separate power source for projects with multiple actuators and/or heavy loads. The power from the robot will cut out should too much current be pulled from it, which could cause your arm to constantly reset. Much better to work from a secondary battery.

Good to know that USB port wasn’t bonked. :slight_smile:

Let us know how the arm project goes and if you need help!