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Controlling Misty with a video game controller

Hi! Is it possible to control Misty with a video game controller? I have a generic USB Xbox360 controller, and I’m wondering how I can connect it to Misty to control Misty’s movements.

I’ve heard that this can be done through the REST api. I know a little about REST, but not enough to do this!

Any ideas? Thanks!

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I know that @cp_sridhar has built a mechanism for controlling Misty with a PS4 controller. Flagging him so that he can take a look and respond when he has time :slight_smile:

@virtualservicesbcpl – Do you own Misty’s Arduino-compatible backpack?

You could go multiple ways:
REST: Connect your controller to laptop and write program to take input from joystick and stream commands to Misty through RESTful endpoints to drive and move actuators. (API Explorer page on the SDK will provide info on the endpoint to hit for controlling each actuator)
JS: You can use Arduino Backpack with a USB hosting shield or a bluetooth shield and write code on Arduino to take input from joystick and send it to Misty. Then write a JS skill that gets this input from the backpack and control the robots actuators
.NET: You could plug in your Joystick or BLE dongle to the USB on the back of Misty and write C# skill to directly pull input from the Joystick controller.
We do not have specific example code for these in the repo yet. Might add some soon!


@johnathan We do own the Arduino backpack.

@cp_sridhar Thanks for the details on the three methods! I’m going to see if I can get the JS working, and then maybe graduate to C# through .NET.

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