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Control robots in a very cool arena

@slivingston this is cool! Have you seen this?

“Isotopium” Kickstarter: pilot remote-controlled robots over the internet inside a 200 sq. yard miniature Chernobyl “arena”

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Cool! I had not seen it. It is exciting to witness continued work on remote robot games. Some of the earliest work to demonstrate shared access of robots over the Internet was a puzzle by Goldberg et al. [1], [2].

[1] Desktop Teleoperation via the World Wide Web, K. Goldberg and M. Mascha and S Gentner and N. Rothenberg and C. Sutter and J. Wiegley, Proceedings of ICRA 1995. (available at
[2] Beyond Webcams | The MIT Press

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@icemupppet word from @Chris is this is another in a long ideas stolen from you ;0