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Connection issue

Still getting “Misty not connected to same network as companion app”

When trying to connect Misty shows socket error, then reports is connected to different network on companion app, then shows up address in companion app.

Trying to connect via api explorer to misty IP reported in companion app fails.

Computer, phone , and misty all on same network.

Hi, @tim! Sorry to hear that your Misty is having connection issues. I have a few tooling suggestions we can try, and if these don’t work then we can see if it’s a problem with your Misty.

The first (if you haven’t done so already) is to download the most recent version of the Misty App. We recently published Misty’s companion app to the iOS App Store and Google Play, and the public version of the app (rather than the version hosted on TestFlight or HockeyApp) will provide the most up-to-date and stable experience going forward.

The second is to try using the IP address the app provides to connect to the new Command Center (instead of the old API Explorer). The Command Center is a new design for the same functionality the old API Explorer provides. We wrote a little about this in the 6.4.2019 Release Notes, and we opened a thread for developer feedback in the Field Trial section of these forums. (I’ve just added you to the launch-crew group, so you should have access to that thread now). Let us know if you’re able to connect to Misty this way!