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Connecting with Misty II

I’m able to connect the Misty II to my router (the router is not connected to the internet), and I can ping the Misty II from my computer when both are connected to the same router. However, I can’t seem to access the Misty II using REST API’s (so far, I’m using Postman GET http:///api/battery). In addition, I can’t seem to connect to the Misty II using the online Command Center using the ip address I obtained from the Misty App (I can access the Command Center on my computer by using another WiFi dongle, so one WiFi adapter is for the local router and one is for the internet).

Are these issues because the Misty II is connected to a router without internet? If so, is there a way I can communicate with the Misty II without internet access?

I have been able to work with a Misty robot without Internet access. Based on your description of your setup, I guess the error arises from your computer having mixed about routing itself, in particular, which packets to send on the “local router” and which one “for the Internet”. Here are things to try:

  1. can you ping the Misty robot when you have whatever WiFi configuration you have that allows you to go to the Command Center?
  2. in the configuration that is known to support pings to the robot (which you say is possible), can you access Misty from a command-line tool like cURL? for example, curl where you should replace with the address reported by the Misty App.

Most likely the issue is with your network setup. Misty and your computer need to be on the same network, but it is possible for your computer to also be on connected to another network, and as long as the routing is properly configured it should work on both. So most likely the issue is in how your computer handles the routing.

If your computer and Misty are connected to same router and nothing else, are you able to send REST commands?