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Connecting to Unsecured or 2-Tier Authenticated Networks

  • (The instructions below require an initial network connection to be successful. We’ve had success by temporarily connecting Misty to a cell phone hotspot)
  • Install ADB on your machine (How to Install ADB on Windows, macOS, and Linux or
    brew cask install android-platform-tools if you’re on a mac that has brew installed)
  • Making sure your computer and robot are on the same network, connect to your robot from the command line using: adb connect IPADDRESS:5555
  • replace IPADDRESS with the ip address of your robot
  • next, create a shell with: adb shell
  • Next, try connecting to the android system with Vysor ( and seeing if you could connect to the network by going through the Android settings

Please let us know if this works for you!

This will only work if you already have the robot on a WiFi network since you can’t adb directly through the USB to Ethernet like this.

If you want to do this completely through the USB to Ethernet you will need some extra steps. Here is how to adb over USB to ethernet connection (the rest of the above instructions still apply):

  • open one a terminal or powershell
  • do ssh -L administrator@<USB-ETH-IP>
  • if you get an error about ssh using obsolete cypher or something you have an old version of Windows IOT and you can get around the issue by doing: ssh -c aes256-cbc -L administrator@<USB-ETH-IP>
  • log in using your Windows administrator pw
  • you will be logged in to 410 via ssh
  • now open another terminal or powershell
  • do adb connect
  • now you can adb as normal (as long as the other terminal doesn’t disconnect)

Thanks Vlad, I forgot to mention in my post that the first step should be to connect Misty to your phone hotspot or something like that before getting started.