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Connect Misty and Alexa


I’d like to see Amazon’s Alexa and Misty communicate.


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@Donna and @Patrick thanks for the suggestions! I would suggest that these each be new topics rather than comments on an existing Feature Request. That will allow people to upvote them individually. I’ll go ahead and make that the case here for now :slight_smile:

Intelligent IoT

Seems there would be two approaches to accomplishing this either enabling Amazon Voice Services (AVS) into the actual Misty robot, or utilizing account linking with Misty and creating skills connecting voice Utterances to control locomotion and functionality via the misty api and just mounting a echo dot to the unit.
One would involve certification of the AVS skill and would be baked into each unit the other provides users to create and certify their own skills.


Another approach would be to add a Misty channel to IFTTT and send commands through the IFTTT Alexa channel.


As a workaround until AVS is added to Misty II, you could add the Android app as an Alexa interface as I did on my Loomo robot


@chucklapress @faengelm These are great suggestions! Have either of you had much experience building alexa skills? Is there something that strikes you as being more useful when having alexa on a robot?


I have developed numerous Alexa skills and either creating a back pack or baking Alexa in utilizing AVS would provide a mobile connected programmable helper in the kitchen using a recipe skill, or perhaps out in the garage referencing and utilizing TTS for helping with the auto or electrical repair, maybe Misty is hanging out poolside and playing the Jimmy Buffet or in the kids room at night telling a bedtime story. Possibilities are pretty wide open with 40000 published 3rd party skills.


@chucklapress I love it! I was just curious if you had anything specific in mind :slight_smile:


I haven’t developed an Alexa Skills, but am working on writing an AVS app similar to the I mentioned above. The problem is when I was ready to apply my recently attempts at Java/Android programming, Alexa removed the Java samples.
Anyway, my experience using the app on my Loomo has convinced me that there is a use for a “Mobile Alexa”, e.g. Misty II
Some of the uses I could see is Alexa interface to Home Automation and entertainment would allow MIsty II to not just respond to verbal commands like Alexa does, but also to events like arrival at home through geofencing and greeting you at the door to turning on the lights in each room as she does a night patrol.

Also a close-up kid or senior friendly Misty II with Alexa could read KIndle/Audible books, play music and answer questions


I love to get user interaction with skills I create I could see Misty leading the class in one of my skills Squats Workout upgrade the thirty day routine with some AWS Polly audio over the canned TTS it currently utilizes and maybe expand the offerings to help assist the elderly via a friendly robot assistant to lead in movement and flexibility exercises. I can see it being hugely rewarding also as the Judge personified in a skill like kids court.
@faengelm uses are also totally desirable especially if Misty is an active guard bot on a smart home . So many things to do with a connected device on an already feature rich addition to the household.


relevant announcement:

This might allow skills to coordinate transparently across Alexa and Misty.


Awesome! @Woo Let’s check this out!