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CES 2019 article on Misty II by Gizmodo


I found this interesting: They describe two very nice examples of skills that Misty II demonstrated at CES.
The last paragraph of this article stated that “In the short term, Misty Robotics is only aiming at shipping a few dozen units to backers.” I’m not sure if this number applies to the really short term or the rollout sometime in the April - June time period. Can someone clarify this?


This is for the field trial and they sorta got the number wrong. May be closer to 50. But when we ship to backers and pre-orders it will be in batches of hundreds.


@Thanks, Ben. This is what I thought was the case, but the article did not make this at all clear. Aside from this issue I thought their take on Misty II was quite favorable.


Were trying to get them to correct the error.