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Can you paint Misty in Favorite Color? :)

Can you for example customize Misty in your Favorite Color? I want a Robot that has the Same Color of the Golden Monkey from Mrs Coulter of his Dark Materials ^^ an Awesome Robot for that of course :wink:

Ha! We have looked at decal sets and other ways to customize Misty. We have seen many people adhere stickers to their robots. Painting could be possible but there are a few words of caution I would put out there:

  1. The time-of-flight sensors that keep Misty from bumping into and falling off of things have specific tolerances based on the color of the surrounding plastics.

  2. Heat dissipation could be impacted with some types of paint or painting methods and Misty could overheat.

  3. Care would need to be taken not to obstruct Mistyโ€™s microphone openings on the head

3D printing some parts may also be an option. CAD files for those parts can be found here: