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Can Mycroft’s Privacy-Centric Voice Assistant Take On Alexa And Google?



This is an important avenue of investigation, at the least. Many people have significant concerns about the use of personal data. I’m most comfortable with the Apple solution, where personal data is immediately anonymized, but a robust solution that stores no data would be great.

After all, if our brains can do the job without storing precise voice recordings, we should be able to make an AI that does so, as well.


Also, I have a cat named Mycroft (whom we call Mylo).


Good kitty! He would never misuse personal data – I can tell. :heart_eyes_cat:


I, too, am really impressed with the way Apple has researched and augmented privacy. There is a great article on it - called differential privacy - on their web site. While a ways away for us at Misty, an aspirational goal for sure.

Here is the link:


That is one heck of an article. Thanks for sharing, @tenwall!