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Can a wemo light plug/switch be called from JavaScript?

Is it possible to call the Wemo client in JavaScript on Misty to turn On and off a plug / light? There is no REST API to call. Below is the Wemo client for node.js to understand how the client is accessed.

I was able to call the library in C# to turn on / off a light using the Misty C# SDK but not sure how to call it in JavaScript.

Thanks for any help.

Hi @wspeerbrecker,

The easiest option would be to use a combination of WebHook and Wemo services from IFTTT to trigger the switch/light from JavaScript skill.


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Hi CP,

Thanks for the information. I have not used these technologies before but I will spend some time reviewing the information on webhooks / wemo services / IFTTT and try to implement it.

P.s. FYI - it took less than 6 lines of code to turn on/off a light with the and C# SDK. :slight_smile: