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Calling a skill from a Skill


I think it is possible to start another skill from a current running skill.

Is it possible to pass parameters to the other skill? Or save data somewhere that the new skill can access? Trying this in Javascript.



Currently it looks like passing parameters from skill to skill isn’t available in a JS skill, it is possible with a REST call or starting a skill from a native C# skill. There are a couple ways to send data between JS skills that work nicely, namely using the set command from one skill to save data to either its own or another skill’s database and the get command in another skill to access the data. There’s a bit more information on those in the Using the “Set” Command and the Reading and Writing Data Across Skills section of the JS SDK docs.

The other way would be to start the skill that you want to run and have it register for a custom event then have the skill you want to pass a parameter from trigger that user event with the data you want to send in the data field.

Thank you, I will look into doing it one of these ways.