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C# Conversation Builder Skill and UI

Hey folks!
I just pushed a new repo to github that allows non-developers to create conversations and interactions on Misty without coding.
It consists of a C# skill and a NET core UI to help you create the interactions.
You will need to run the UI locally at least, so there is a bit of assembly, and you also need to know how to build and push a C# skill to the robot.
It has a lot of options and dials you can fiddle with, some of which are still very beta and may change.
If you want your interactions to include speech recognition, you will need an azure or google speech service account, but it is also possible to create fun interactions without speech recognition using Misty’s many sensors.
For any of you that still want to code, you can also plug your C# and JavaScript skills into the interactions for added capabilities and fun.
I included a presentation pdf with a lot of details for devs and non-devs, and in the code there are a couple examples of some optional skills and managers for developers.
I hope you can make some fun interactions with Misty using these tools!