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Bringing Luna (Misty) to my daughters school

I plan on bringing Luna to my daughters school. My daughter is only in 2nd grade but she goes to a catholic school with only 96 students (kind - 8th grade) so it’s a small school. I will probably be demonstrating different features based on the grade I am talking to.

I am not a teacher so any advice, ideas, or experience anyone Is willing to share with me would be great. I am not going for a few months yet, I just received Luna yesterday and I need to do some developing first.

Also, If anyone runs across some cool skills you think might be good to share with kids, please let me know.

Thank You,


Hi @stackchain !
Thank you so much for sharing this, it’s so exciting! I noticed that kids at that age like working with lights, sounds and excited to see Misty move around!
I have a couple of ideas, let me collect a little bit of the info and I’ll post it here!
Talk soon!