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Bringing Dense 3D Mapping to Misty | Misty Robotics


To anyone interesting in mapping, this is an excellent post to read! I’m looking at you @michaelrod :slight_smile:


Thanks, @Chris. Read through it last night…very cool to see how much integrating SLAM into Misty helped Occipital improve their device and what’s to come. Also really cool playing with the new “Navigation Module” feature in the Command Center…love it!

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Glad you’re enjoying it @michaelrod! We’re always looking to improve, let us know if you think of anything that we can make easier!

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If you play with the Navigation Module and mapping/tracking in general please provide feedback on the forums. We’d love to hear how developers are considering using this feature.

We’re working on some mapping guidelines to help everyone be as successful as possible with mapping but I’m not sure if it’s public yet. In the meantime here are some tips to make a good map:

  • Drive slowly, and especially turn slowly. I like to use no more than 15% speed for turning
  • Keep the head level or about 5 degrees down. (+5 degrees on pitch). The Set Head button on the Navigation Module will set the head in a good orientation
  • If turning on a smooth surface (such as hardwood floors) the tracks have a tendency to stick a little which makes the turn a little wobbly. This is not ideal for mapping, so on these surfaces it’s sometimes best to do an n-point turn rather than just do an in-place turn
  • Try to not get closer than .5 meter from objects (~1.5 feet). The depth sensor has a minimum working range of about .5 meter
  • Try to always have some objects with texture in view, especially when turning.
  • Avoid black & shiny things. These are bad for both the depth sensor and vision.