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Brews, Bots, and BUILD Workshop Materials

Brews, Bots, and BUILD

Welcome! We’re excited to share Misty with you and challenge you to build your very own Beverage Delivery Skill :slight_smile:

To get up and running quickly, follow these instructions:

  1. To connect to a robot, be sure to connect to the MistyWorkshop5g Wifi Network with password: iloverobots

  2. To get familiar with your robot and it’s capabilities, try checking out the API Explorer. This tool will allow you to quickly see all of Misty’s capabilities and how she reacts to input and what output you have available.

  3. Each robot will have an IP address written on it (Something like, you’ll want to use that IP address and connect in the top right corner

  4. Once you’re connected, try pressing buttons and see how Misty reacts. All of the responses and information coming from Misty can be see in the JavaScript console (In chrome, you can open this by right-clicking on the page, selecting ‘Inspect’, then going to the ‘Console’ tab

  5. To get more information about the REST call that was made, be sure to look at the Network tab! Here you can see all the communication between the API Explorer and Misty.

  6. When you’re familiar with some of the capabilities of the robot, let’s move on to writing your very own skill! To do this, we’re going to start with a shell called ‘BeverageDeliveryScaffold’ which can be found at our Github Sample Code Repository.

  7. Download both the .js and .json file and open them up in your favorite code editor (We recommend Visual Studio Code)

  8. Now we’re ready to load a skill onto the robot. Navigate to Misty’s (Skill Runner)[], connect to the robot with the IP address, and then drag the .js and .json files over the ‘Install’ Section. You’ll get a success notification and see ‘BeverageDeliveryScaffold’ in the ‘Manage’ section.

  9. To run a skill, click the ‘Start’ button next to the skill name. For the shell skill, when you run it you can see Misty react to her capacitive touch sensors by changing the LED colors and she will turn when you press each of the bump sensors. IMPORTANT: To see the debug messages you’ll want to write in your code, you’ll want to open the JavaScript console in Skill Runner!

  10. To understand everything going on, be sure to take a look at our On-robot API Documentation

  11. If you encounter any issues, flag down one of the Misty staff members who will be floating around!


You’re going to build a Beer Delivery skill that enables a Bartender to give Misty a beer, then lets her know what bar position she needs to deliver the beer to. Here’s how it could work:

  1. Misty will start on the bartop at a specific location
  2. The ‘Bartender’ will place a beverage in her holder and signal to her which position to deliver it to (Try using cap touch, the bump sensors, or facial recognition!)
  3. Misty should turn around without spilling the drink, drives to the indicated position (Which will also be marked on the bar), and delivers the beverage.
  4. Misty should indicate the beverage has been added to their tab and will wait for the confirmation
  5. Misty should receive some confirmation (try using capacitive touch or the bump sensors!) and return to the bartender position.

NOTE! We’ll reset the position of the robot for each trial!

Here is what the Misty judges will use to score each submission:

Scoring criteria

  • Technical Competence (10 points)
  • Entertainment factor (10 points)
  • Usability factor (10 points)
  • Swagger (10 points)
  • Use of External sources (Bonus Points)

Nice job guys. Enjoyed meeting you all. Hope to see you again soon, don’t be a stranger to Seattle.


Congratulations to Stuart, last night’s Brews, Bots, & BUILD winner! :confetti_ball: :robot: :confetti_ball:

And, a big thank you to those who made it out last night - Hope you had as much fun as we did.


Love that graphic of Misty in gold. Im stealing it and putting it on my IG.

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Jay, it was awesome chatting with you! We’ll definitely let you know when we’re in Seattle next :slight_smile:

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