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BoulderJS Meetup group at Misty!



For those in the Boulder/Denver area, we’ll be hosting the BoulderJS Meetup Group on 1/16 at 6pm. If you’re in the area, come by for a fun evening! Here is the link to register and below is the description of the talks we’ll be having.

Event Description
Happy New Year! Who is ready for another great year of BoulderJS?

Production WebAssembly by Ernie Turner

So you have compiled WebAssembly code. Now what? The challenge then becomes integrating it into a real-world application. This talk will discuss the nuances in integrating a Rust-based cryptography library compiled to WebAssembly in a production application. I’ll cover how to pass complex arguments to WebAssembly, how to use WebWorkers, and how to dynamically load WebAssembly modules so developers get a sense of what it will actually take to adopt WebAssembly and when and why they should.

Programming robots with JS: mini-workshop

** Instead of having a second speaker for this meetup we are going to do a mini-workshop to so bring your machine of choice and creativity if you would like to participate **

Misty robotics will be showing how easy it is to program robots using RESTful API’s and JavaScript. If you’ve been curious about interacting with hardware or want to get your feet wet with robotics, this is a great opportunity to understand the basics.

Register Here

(Side note: Don’t forget our January Townhall is happening a few days before!)