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Blockly examples and missingcommands

Hello, we are a high school in Italy. We are absolute beginners and so we are at the moment exploring blockly to further proceed with Javascript and maybe Python
However at the moment we are looking for examples of code for Misty Blockly . Can you help us?
A second issue is about the commands. W find discrepancies between the commands illustrated online Misty Docs | Blockly
and the actual commands we see EVEN when misty is connected…
just an example: where do I find “Pause for duration” which in the guide should be under “General”?This category is not even present when I open blockly and work with Misty?
Thanks for your help!

There is a private fork of the Misty Blockly that adds missing commands etc. Let me check with 1 person about releasing it as open source now (rather than later). Stay tuned!

It will be approximately 7 days before the updates will be released. Meanwhile, feel free to use the rerobots-hosted Misty at https://rerobots.net/sandbox/fixed_misty2?e=blockly&okshare=t.

For teaching, you might find the “share” button in the above sandbox useful. Pushing the button will generate a special URL that grants access to the same Misty that you are working with. (This is like Google Docs URLs for sharing access to the same document.)