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Black Screen of Death on Android

Hello all!
I’m trying to connect Misty to my university wifi (eduroam). I’ve downloaded ADB and Vysor and am able to access the Android platform, but every time I try to do anything (like open the wifi settings to change wifi networks from my phone hotspot to eduroam), the android gives me a black screen of death. Anyone else experience this? Suggestions on how to fix it?


Hi @caseylynch,

I’m sorry you are running into this issue. The problem (I suspect) is that when you change wifi networks the IP address changes thus the connection to Misty via Vysor gets disconnected.

Are you trying to login using a Captive Portal/2nd level of Authentication? If that’s the case I would recommend connecting Misty to ADB using a USB to ethernet adapter.

That way the IP address won’t change when you switch wifi.

I hope this helps! and let me know if you need any assistance with any of the instructions above.

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