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Found this article in my LinkedIn Feed. I thought it was an interesting application for some of the pre-trained Neural networks that Wolfram Alpha has made available.

Definitely going to be digging into these a bit more:

Shoot me a message if you’ve used any of these for something interesting!


I must be so young.


Wolfram is pretty rad, Jared actually got us a license where I work, I just have to get off this current project to have time to mess with it some more. It is a rather large download as it has all the trained models contained therein but essentially they are using Caffe and help develop it, so right in line with Misty’s stack with the Qualcomm stuffz. Stephen gives a great demo of it HERE


@station Thanks for posting the Wolfram video. Lots of awesome stuff in there.

On a related note, I didn’t realize that the Lex Fridman youtube channel had a bunch of awesome content. I had previously watched the Marc Raibert (Boston Dynamics) lecture and thought it was awesome.