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Basics of using Postman



If you’d like to use Postman to work with Misty’s RESTful API, here’s a quick primer:

  1. Download the Postman app here
  2. Open the app and click 'New’ in the upper left corner
  3. Select ‘Request
  4. Enter a name for the request. You can also enter a description, although this is optional.
  5. Click + Create Collection
  6. Enter a name for your collection. Click the checkmark to create the collection.
  7. Select the newly created collection, then click the orange ‘Save to (Collection Name)’ button
  8. Select the method type for the HTTP request. In this case, change from GET to POST
  9. In the Request URL field, enter the endpoint you want to use. In this case it’s <robo-IP-address>/api/audio/play
  10. Below the address bar, select ‘Body’ and click the radio button for ‘raw
  11. You can then enter a payload to send with the command. You can find an example payloads to send to your REST API endpoint by using the API Explorer. Use the API Explorer to send the same command to Misty. Then, open the Network tab of Chrome’s Developer Tools, and locate the command that you have just made.
  12. Locate the Request Payload. Copy this payload and paste it into the Body section of Postman

  13. Click send and see how Misty reacts!

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Thanks, Chris! Nicely done!


Thanks @johnathan for your help with this!


It seems that curly brackets around robo-IT-address are not necessary, works without them much better.


This caught me up too. Thanks, @olena. Changing to as that seems to be more standard.