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Ava telepresence
Seems like Misty will be able to do more than this klunker. Also, please don’t ever partner with Cisco Misty, they need to go away.

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I can sympathize with your sentiments of Cisco, however there is something to be said for using an existing, widely used and proven video conferencing solution. It also allows companies that already use Cisco’s solution to easily integrate this into their systems. It’s a very smart move for Ava.

continuing this topic, what would business models be if Misty was used here?

For example, a company that provides tele-meeting software can re-sell Misty robots with their apps installed, and then make sustained revenue from subscriptions to their tele-meeting service.


@slivingston exactly. We see many use cases and opportunities where a powerful and affordable robot can be used - our robots get resold by an authorized reseller (or us - depending on what the developer of the skill desires). Plus - our robots then can take on many more skills in those environments so, perhaps, telepresence by day and security patrol (or stand up comedian) by night… and, each developer sets their own business model - whether free (and ad supported?), one time license or subscription fee.


In 2001 we got saas (software as a service).
in 2018 Misty Robotics starts and empowers the raas trend.

Absolutely! The entire world of robots as computing platforms is w-i-d-e open. I’ve got a long history working in software platforms – have been part of the transition from desktop to web to phone platforms. And I am positive that robots are going to be game changers and opportunities just as big as every one of those other hardware platforms have been.

another robot in a different space but branding itself as a platform is Panda by FRANKA EMIKA (starter)

another company in a different space but that brands its robots as being platforms is Opentrons (, where developers can share wet lab protocols via