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Autonomous Movement

I just got my Misty. I am excited to start programming, except it appears the autonomous part of misty is not working yet.

When is the plan to get this working completely? Alot of videos show Misty roaming around.

Is there another way to have misty move from point to point without using SLAM. I can never get the robot to find pose.i have even marked the floor where xy is 0,0. and tried starting from there. The only time i get pose is when creating map.

Any help would be appreciated.

I found an article that i needed to manually apply a patch to android. I applied the patch and the pose is working better. Not fully but better.

That’s great to hear! and I’m glad you applied the patch and pose is working better. Do let us know if you have any more feedback especially around what issues you run into.

As you continue down your adventures with Misty including mapping and autonomous movements here are a few helpful resources:

  1. Misty’s software includes a built-in hazards system that is intended to prevent your robot from executing commands that could cause her harm. This system uses data from Misty’s sensors to prevent Misty from driving off of surfaces that could cause her to tip or fall, such as tables, desks, or stairs. It also stops Misty from continuing to drive when she senses an obstacle nearby, or when she detects that she has bumped into an object. You can find more information here: Misty Docs | Misty II Overview

  2. We also have documented some helpful tips and tricks for mapping that you might find useful: Mapping & Tracking with Misty's Navigation Module

  3. Lastly I’m sure you know this but our docs has a section specifically on navigation: Misty Docs | Command Center

If anything’s missing or you have any feedback let us know!

Also! I’d love to hear more about what you are planning to build/develop!


Justin Woo

Thx Justin,

I have figured out that in the command center, i need to have mapping on and tracking to get it to follow a path with the current map its creating. If I load a map thru SDK, never gets pose to work.

  1. does mapping need to be on to get tracking to work?
  2. how can i load a map that is saved, and get pose to work with mapping on?

I am trying to get Misty to move from room to room in house on command.

Has anyone successfully had Misty’s pose work after loading map?

Yes. I’ve been meaning to test with most recent software to see if somehow we’ve inadvertently broken this, unfortunately we’re all heads down trying to get the http://temperature.mistyrobotics.com/ out and this variant of Misty doesn’t have a depth camera to do SLAM (we replaced it with a thermal camera). So right now I don’t have a Misty with a depth sensor at home. I will try to do a test sometime later this week.


has there been any findings on this yet?