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Authorization Requested

Just got my Misty, super excited. Some things are not responding like changing LED, Driving, almost all the things :blush:
So I went for Manual Update
I can’t seem to log into the unit though, I had to track down the login for it, I found it in an e-mail but it wasn’t obvious at first since when I read “Document” I think of a paper in the box or a PDF sent to me. I found it but I get this error:

Can’t seem to get around it. Will Reboot and retry.

Same thing, I tried Chrome first,

Then I tried FireFox Quantum

Perhaps this one had a typo in the credentials?

Hey Matt,

Sorry you’re having issues with your Misty. The default username / password for the IoT Core Dashboard is administrator / p@ssw0rd. Could you give that a try?

Justin Pflueger

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thems the right words! thanks, I was able to login with those.

Awesome! Let me know how the update process goes and if I can help in any way. If you have an account on our community slack, feel free to message me @justin

I don’t have an invite yet, but when I get it I will for sure ping you on there.

I’m trying to update with v 4.19.18 btw

So I was able to connect, I’m on a mac, so after installing the dependencies to load the firmware via homebrew I tried the script and got this:

If you receive an error message you can upload the versions.xml file manually to the Documents folder via the device portal at http://<ip of your robot>:8080/#File%20explorer
If you have any other issues please contact support@mistyrobotics
Please enter the ip of your robot:
Unable to negotiate with port 22: no matching cipher found. Their offer: aes256-cbc,aes192-cbc,aes128-cbc
Connection closed

I tried a couple of times, then just uploaded the xml per the instructions.
Continued on with update, following along with the latest update video. I was able to upload the binary and dependencies and restart the homerobot app, but got no happy sound but do have a blinking LED.
I’m guessing the firmware did update properly but maybe the sound didn’t play?

Moved on to update the 820. One note on the .sh script for that is the relative paths for the platform updates. I was being lazy and was just dragging the .sh into the terminal and so it wasn’t working. Perhaps add a note to make sure and cd to the dir of the script in terminal for the lazy folk :stuck_out_tongue:

Was getting this error still when trying to run the script:

-bash: ./ /bin/bash^M: bad interpreter: No such file or directory

So just manually pasted the commands into terminal one by one and it worked fine that way. The video mentions that taking up to 5 mins but not sure how to tell if that update took or not.

Well after restarting the app again i can at least change the LED, Play audio, and change images but none of the motor systems seems to work now. No wheels and no neck movement. Before the neck was moving around at intervals but not anymore.

I did a hard reset, and when Misty boots she shows a sad face and moans… poor Misty, what did I do to you?

That is a error in the script:
1. Permissions are not correctly set in the zip file
(executables/scripts should all be at least 744 or 755)
2. There were stray characters in the file (probably done in Word or some tool
that does not correctly save text).
I used sed to clean it or you can just delete the 3 or so [control-V control-M] entries
(It is the bad translation of a return normally from Word or similar tools)

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Thanks Mark!

yes, by doing the following, it allowed be to run the shell command . thanks

perl -i -pe 'y|\r||d'