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Are there any open servo ports?

If I want to add an “arm backpack” are there any open servo ports?

Is there a way to attach anything with screws instead of magnets in the backpack area


If I understand correctly you are meaning if you wanted to add some servos for a separate servo based arm? In that case, as far as I know yes, but not as convenient 3 pin connectors, the backpack is like an Arduino uno or something where there are digital and analog ports for i/o , you would most likely want to add a servo shield to be able to plug in 4 or whatever servos.
As to the mounting points, I do not know.

Great questions! I’m going to let @steven give you guys the real answers, but in the meantime, his quick hardware expandability video may help:

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@faengelm, there are no existing mechanical mounting points for the arduino backpack, only the magnetic attachments. I have been thinking about methods for attaching heavy backpacks myself, and I think I would try to hang it on the shoulders, similar to how we carry our own backpacks. If the shoulders support the weight, the magnets should be strong enough to hold the mechanism to the back. I might also run some support down to the trailer hitch area where there are additional magnets and a shelf for supporting the weight mechanically. I think there is potential for attaching a pretty heavy backpack without needing mechanical attachment points.

@station is correct as well, there are no 3 pin servo connection points built into the backpack, but there are plenty of options to how servos could be attached (for example, the servo shield @station pointed out). If a servo shield won’t work and you need advice for how to add servo ports, please reach out and I can help with that.

One more piece of advice for you on this arm design: if you are running more than 1 or 2 lightly loaded servos, be aware that the backpack power capability is limited so as to not brown out the electronics inside. Thus you should provide your own battery if you are running a large servo load.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out should you have additional questions! Have a great weekend!