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Arduino Backpack Example Code not working on Misty

Hello! I had recently got the Arduino Backpack for Misty and I got it connected to my computer and the board. I used the example code here, JavaScript-SDK/Sample Code/serialReadWrite at master · MistyCommunity/JavaScript-SDK · GitHub , as I am very new to Arduino and wanted to just tinker around and see how everything functions. This code works whenever I have the Backpack off of Misty. If I put the backpack on Misty, and try to run it, whenever I type 2 or 3 on the Serial Monitor it don’t work.

I understand that Misty’s TX/RX switch is set at D0/1, so everytime I upload the Arduino code onto the board I have to take the backpack off of Misty first. I am just curious if there is something wrong I am doing in the process?

Nvm, I figured it out. I had to input 2|3 in the misty.WriteSerial() command instead.