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Any way to get misty to listen without "hey Misty"


I was wondering if there is any way to get Misty to listen to follow on questions, without having to say “Hey Misty” each time. Hey Misty is good for first time. But If I want Misty to notify of an event, can the user just answer?

I would be nice to have a more conversational Misty.


iirc, you can use CaptureSpeech for this. Use false for the requireKeyPhrase argument. This’ll have Misty start capturing speech as soon as the function is invoked, without waiting for a wake word trigger. You can use an external event (bump sensor press, cap touch, whatever) to trigger the method call, or some internal event in your skill code (for example, getting some data back from an external API call).

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Thank you Jonathan, i will give this a try.