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Any way I can get any projected data (charts and graphs) of potential users? Maybe personas or a press kit?

I’d like to create skills for Misty 2 and am collecting data. Is there anything I can use to justify such a project?

Hi there, @beneficialmedia. Are you looking for data on the potential numbers of users of Misty? What exact data are you looking for?

Do we have any visual data like this @Ben, @Donna , or @Chris?

Any user information would be most helpful! From potential usage to current usage of Misty robots.

Ok, I will see what we can get for you. Donna, Ben, or Chris may have some useful information for you. Let’s see what they say, although this might not be until they get back into the office tomorrow.

Hey there, @beneficialmedia - welcome to the Misty community. It is pretty exciting that you want to write skills. Have you applied to the Developer Program for earlier access to Misty robot prototypes?

We don’t typically give out a lot of usage data, especially since we are in early days and pre-shipping our first major product. I’d be happy to chat more about what you are looking to do. Misty II is for “pro developers”—essentially professional software engineers that use JavaScript, Python, etc in their day jobs but have never thought they could apply those same skills towards programming a robot. We want to change that—to allow those who are eager to dive into robotics—but not into low-level coding.