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Any interest in developing a ROS 2.0 version of Misty?


What are everyone’s thoughts on this?


I like a lot of what I’ve heard about ROS 2.0 but how are you thinking this would be possible? It would seem you’d need pretty low level access to do this so it would have to be from the Misty engineering team, right? (as opposed to additional language wrappers that can be created by anyone). I know there were some preliminary investigations into ROS 2 by @morgan and his team.


We’re not currently looking into a ROS 2 port of Misty. It would be a significant departure from what we’re currently doing. That said, a ROS 2 version of Misty in the future is certainly not off the table. At some point, it might make a better platform for what we’re building, and we’d be open to switching.