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Any interest in a Misty Meet-up once a month in Lafayette, CO

Let me know if anyone is interested on having meet-ups in Lafayette, Colorado to work on Misty II projects and exchange ideas.

I will be receiving my Misty II in the next week or so so I should be ready in Nov ‘19 or better yet Dec ‘19.

I will be talking to a local brewery to make sure there will be no problems meeting there.

You can either respond here or contact me directly via email at

Hey @DaPastafarian, wanted to make sure you saw our announcement about the launch party at SolderWorks in Westminster on Dec. 12th!

I will be there. Any updates on the black Misty II? I heard it was going to be just a couple more weeks about 3 weeks ago.

Hey Ashley. I was there last night. I just received my Misty today and will be ready to do meet-ups as soon as I get a feel for the programming, Can you guys help get the word out there for a meet-up in Lafayette/Louisville area?

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@DaPastafarian Yes we’d be happy to!