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Another remote misty app

We have (apparently, another) remote control option for Misty. Our use case is for someone to control Misty’s arms, colors, head position, speech, and watch streaming video and listen to streaming audio. The code is somewhat brittle, but we’ve worked out a number of bugs to make it work fairly robustly.

It uses a client/server architecture: a client.py file connects to Misty’s av stream, then a webServer can be hosted from some public location (e.g., Heroku, though we haven’t tried Heroku specifically yet), and another client (JS & python) can be used to remote control Misty. Unfortunately, we could not get audio to stream directly to JS, but if you start both the python and JS clients, the JS is the only place you need to be the control the rest.

I hope it’s helpful! If someone knows how to stream audio from Python to JS via websockets, please we could use your help.


awesome! for the audio from Python to JS clients, did you consider WebRTC?

there is a good Python package for doing so: aiortc.

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