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Anki Vector - a bit of competitor intel



I’m sure you’re all aware of this already, but thought I’d share an article on “Vector” the next generation “Cozmo”.
Some interesting developments from their original release, most notably facial recognition, sensory hardware, voice control and directional mics (which I know the effectiveness of which has been a question for Misty II recently).
Might be worth further investigation.


Their kickstarter funding page has more details here:


As well as their actual website where Vector is available to pre-order. Great to see free UK shipping for us folks not based in Canada or the US.


I have played around with Cozmo a bit. The personality side of Cozmo is quite defined. It will be interesting to see how they execute Vector as a separate personality. That really is the most engaging part. As for the form factor it does seem to limit the usefulness. Glad to see they are removing the need for the device to be tied up.


Hear hear - This was my biggest issue with Cozmo. Second was the limited palette of animations and sounds that it used to express ‘personality.’ Looks like they’ve expanded that somewhat, but are still hand-generating each one individually.


Yes. Quoting from their site: “over a thousand world-class animations”.
As well as:

  • HD color camera stream
  • Raw and directional audio from the four-microphone array
  • Spatial data from the time-of-flight laser sensor
  • Multi-level touch data
  • Face, emotion, and person recognition
    I’ve popped one in the basket and will update you when it gets delivered.


I was hoping they would allow for people to use the Maya Rig they had to make custom animations…alas doesn’t seem that will be the case.
here is a article with another video:

yes the device pairing requirement along side a computer was a sad thing to experience as a dev for sure.
Vector still is meant to be a character to chill with and not quite a developer tool.


Anki’s robots are smart, we have Cozmo 2 month ago and it looks amazing, funny pretty robot, which my son loves a lot, I didn’t find many info about Vector, so we bought Anki, but who is the best? It seems they are almost similar.


Thanks for sharing. I’ve used both and personally like the Vector better. But I’d love to hear what other’s are thinking.


I spent a few months studying the reviews of people about various robots and came to the conclusion that the most interesting for today is Anki Cozmo. I bought it 6 months ago. My son is 9 years old and is still playing with him. It is better to buy one good robot than a lot of cheap and boring …


Ive tested all of Ankis products and most of Spheros. With their slot car system, the intelligence comes from your phone and app. Its great fun with the exception that the ir sensor must be cleaned occasionally and the 70mah battery isnt user servicable. I have a drive that makes me want to modify everything for more features or power. Soft pack lipo on one car was puffed up, fire hazard. Keep the car on a shelf. A small robot that has a lot of features but no real intelligence of its own is Cozmo, great for kids. Vector I had to get rid of. A very flawed system. Reminded ne of ubtech products. Voice recognition hardly works. Facial recognition on cozmo is good, vector its poor. The people at Anki and Sphero are both very nice.

Ive had the Ultimate McQueen, a BB8, an RWD2, a Sphero 1, and a Bolt. I liked the Bolts 8x8 screen… My niece really wanted the Bolt so I gifted it to her. RVR is interesting but, I didn’t know what we would do with it. Misty 2 is out of our price range at the moment. Id love to have one sometime. Im interested in seeing what 3rd party developers come up with for Misty and RVR.