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And So It Begins

I’m so excited! Tomorrow feels like Christmas as a child lol. I’ll post the infamous opening of the box moment and add it to this thread. I’m also the type of person who may or may not have started an instagram account for her :innocent:, and the box opening will be posted there as well. When I get a profile pic for the account I’ll post the link.


We’re excited to see what you do with her now. Can’t wait for you to share!

Yes, please let us know the moment you received Misty and I’d love to see a video or a picture of something you do with her!

Definitely post the link to the IG account and the unboxing!

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FedEx has changed the delivery date for a second time :unamused: but hopefully tomorrow she will be here.

@jennifersghost did she arrive?

Yes! Sorry to keep you hanging. She is super cute, and I’ve gone through the first 5 (I think) tutorials, but now she just completed her first road trip and we are in Colorado for the week. Her learning is placed on hold for a few days while I visit my parents.

I was the only one home when she arrived and probably should have waited, but I’m not patient, so here is her unboxing video. The sound gets a little ASMR at times because I’m trying to cut tape and hold the phone AND I anthropomorphize everything, especially adorable robots so brace yourself for baby talk.

Oh, and I said a curse word in the video. The H word, if you’re sensitive to such things

I named her Mazely Laloq, and here is her Instagram account:



FedEx eventually changed her arrival date twice. I was told the box was scanned but then not actually put on the truck for delivery. Like the universe was f------ with me haha

Awesome! :heart_eyes:

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I follow you now! Exciting to see your Journey! She is not autonomous right? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Wahoo! I followed you back :slight_smile: And she’s not autonomous yet haha

Welcome to Colorado! (Misty was born in Boulder ya know). We can’t wait to see what you create!

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Thanks :slight_smile: I was born and raised in the Springs. I was hoping she and I could stop by in the spring or summer to say hi. We’ll call ahead of course!

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Can’t wait to see what you and Misty do!