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An update about Misty's first ever robot hackathon



Earlier this month we were joined by 20 inventive dreamers in our Boulder workshop to get a first look at the robots we are building. But we’re not building them perfectly. We’re not building them with every conceivable skill. No, we’re looking for inspired, creative folks like the ones that got a first hand look during our first ever Robothon.

Not only was this the first time we’ve had people come in and experience the robots, it was the first time we’ve had someone other than our engineering team put them through their paces and make them do new and sometimes funny things.

While we can’t show the robots to you yet. You’ll have to wait until next month for that, we do encourage you to look out for future workshops, hackathons, and events where you can come meet Misty.

Misty Robotics - Robothon #2