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An assistant for the disabled- no monkey required

I’d really like to see Misty be a fully capable replacement assistant for disabled individuals that need to use monkeys. It’s not in the monkey’s best interest to be used in this way, and Misty can certainly take on this responsibility. With voice capabilities and advanced learning, she can do the tasks the monkey does, and likely surpass them, while also becoming a firm companion. Because of current arm limitations, there may need to be more than one in some households, but a friendly family of robots is still better than a captive monkey in a diaper.


Wow. @TaraKing you are a font of interesting information. I had no idea monkeys were used this way. Glad the people can get help, but it would be even better if it were Misty doing the helping.

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Thanks for that! :kissing_heart::hibiscus::robot:
Yes, Misty would be much better suited.

Agreed - thought it was mostly dogs.

I was thinking along these lines as well, but not physical issues - more like mental issues (alzheimer’s for example). That was my focus.

Misty could be developed as you said and later placed into a larger physical platform to accomplish these tasks. The Misty could work out the bugs and have a small arm added for development purposes.