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An app for Misty

I’d love to see a really quality app for Misty. I feel it would greatly benefit interest in Misty and give people an idea of what could be done with her. I want to use her to learn to code. Many people would be content to have her be a centerpiece for entertainment.

The second wish I have is the creation of expandability. An example of this would be a multitude of interchangeable arms. I feel this would keep the excitement alive for a long time.

Perhaps Misty could control small drones at some point. Maybe she could play Chess? There’s really no shortage of ideas. The two biggest barriers to advanced robotics has been lack of computing power and battery life.

Hi there. Do you mean mobile app? What other features would you want to see in such an app?

Yes, Misty is one of the very few robots to not include a mobile app. Anki did it, sphero does it, along with UBTECH. With Anki the little robots could do facial recognition quickly. I don’t know how long it takes to create the apps. I’ve owned all the Sphero machines with the exception of RVR. We decided to forgo RVR to get Misty. Can Misty talk or is that a skill that needs to be written? The app could provide Misty with a personality. She could also be like Aibo and follow a ball around. Maybe tell you the time or when her battery is low. I’ve seen a lot of functionality built into apps for robots that are much much more inferior than Misty.