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Add a VBatt port to Misty

Request from field trial dev.

And consider adding a VBatt port please :slightly_smiling_face:

With 0.5A 5V only out, you can’t put much additional compute on the platform. And without OS-level access, I feel pretty restricted to what I can accomplish.

With a VBatt and Ethernet access to the local network, so I can call your REST APIs on wire, there’s a lot that can be done with that backpack.

As it stands, we’re limited to Arduino level compute MCUs by 0.5A.

This feature request should also be considered in the context of simultaneous operation of Misty Skills from different authors. In particular, exposing VBatt (=> higher power loads from user-added devices) would interfere with prediction of discharge rates of the battery. In turn, this might require conservative assumptions, e.g., to decide when to return to the charging pad.

Of course, if a single developer is writing all of the Misty Skills and adding extra hardware, then she can do calibration herself. However, to achieve a future where you can download and run new skills from other developers, there must be assumptions hardware performance. Exposing VBatt while maintaining off-the-shelf assumptions about hardware performance might be difficult.